Katie Werth

Special needs parent advocate

“I know Suzette Waters will take inclusion seriously as a board member for CPS because that’s the kind of person she has always been. I’ve lived next door to her for more than 15 years and I know her to be a compassionate person who truly wants every child to be treated fairly and for every child to succeed.”

Leia Brooks

High school English teacher

“I support Suzette Waters for school board because her countless hours volunteering shows her commitment to giving all students the best chance to be successful in schools. Her support of teachers and staff, combined with her desire for all students to receive a quality education make her a school board candidate Columbia needs.”

Valerie Shaw

Community advocate

“I encourage you to vote for Suzette Waters. She is dedicated to ensuring the best possible education for every child in our community. She is willing to ask tough questions when necessary and just as important, she is willing to listen. Suzette will be a valuable addition to the Columbia School Board.”

Richard & Patty King

CPS parents, community volunteers, businesspeople

“We enthusiastically support Suzette Waters for a seat on the Columbia Public School Board. We believe she will be responsive to the particular needs of Columbia residents and will be committed to maintaining and improving the excellence of CPS to the benefit of all students in the district.”

Dr. Peter Stiepleman

Former CPS superintendent

“Suzette Waters is a proud graduate of Columbia’s public schools. She has contributed her time and her treasure to make our schools excellent for all kids.”

L’Damian Washington

University of Oklahoma football coach
Former Mizzou and NFL football player/coach

“I was fortunate enough to have Mrs. Waters as a volunteer parent during my time at West Middle school as the head football coach. She was very involved in making sure every kid and coach felt supported. She made it possible for me and my staff to have an after-school program for the kids to stay and do homework before the late night games together. She took pictures of the kids who couldn’t afford team pictures so nobody felt left out. She was a rockstar for a first-year head coach like myself in making sure all my kids felt important.”

MacKenzie Everett-Kennedy

High school teacher, CPS parent, small business owner

“Suzette Waters has my support because she ardently seeks to protect and improve public education for ALL students who attend our schools, regardless of their social position of privilege or poverty. Suzette truly believes that ‘every student who walks through our doors has greatness within them,’ and I know she will fight for free and equal access to high quality education for all students.”

Dr. Rose Metro

CPS parent, MU College of Education assistant professor

“Suzette is passionate about education and she’s ready to listen and learn from our students, families, and teachers!”

Karen Eagle

Elementary school counselor

“Suzette not only has a good heart but wants what is best for everyone!”

Lisa Schenker

Retired CPS teacher

“Suzette Waters was an outstanding parent volunteer in my 4th grade classroom at Grant Elementary. As a room parent, field trip chaperone, and coordinator for classroom projects and events, she made a real difference in the lives of all my students. She cared deeply about their success and well-being, and brightened the classroom with her positivity, creativity, intelligence, and inclusivity. All of those qualities will serve her well on the School Board. I endorse her candidacy whole-heartedly!”

Amy Pescaglia

CPS parent and volunteer

“Suzette Waters is a good steward. She is hard working, compassionate, intelligent and witty. I literally can’t think of a more honest, good-hearted, capable person. She operates at a high level and still has a groundedness about her.”

Heidi Barnhouse

Gifted education specialist

“I have known Suzette Waters since 2014. What has impressed me the most over the years about Suzette is her pure and genuine passion to ensure a high-quality education for not only her own children, but for CPS students across the board, and how she demonstrates this by her actions — including her dedicated efforts to support the secondary EEE programs, and her ongoing commitment to PTSA at Hickman High School. Suzette knows what is happening in the schools and classrooms because she is in the schools contributing a great deal of her time and energy. I fully endorse her for the CPS School Board as a candidate who has the perspective, dedication, insight, energy, and hope for the future of our district.”

Jordan Alexander

High school counselor, PhD

“I have known Suzette for over 20 years.  She is the right person to serve on the Columbia School Board.  As a neighbor and friend, I know that Suzette has the passion, intelligence, and willingness to serve all CPS students and families.  She has demonstrated effective service to the district to improve conditions for teachers and support the achievement of all students.  Her energy and drive make her a superior candidate.”

Angela Lechtenberg

CPS parent

“I have known Suzette since we were teenagers, attending Jefferson Junior High together. She has always been what I call “one of my favorite people,” and I’m so proud of her for running for school board and standing up for what she believes is best for Columbia’s kids. We have stayed in touch over the years as friends, and also in serving our community. Suzette is kind, caring and always looking out for those who may not have a voice. Suzette will no doubt continue to be a champion for diversity and bringing people together as a school board member.”

Dr. Robert Harris

Retired pediatrician and former CPS board member

“As a Columbia School Board member from 1980-1989 and a practicing pediatrician in Columbia for 56 years until my retirement, I am delighted to recommend Suzette Waters for Columbia School Board. She is a very intelligent, compassionate and concerned individual. I have observed her outstanding ability in motherhood and know she will make valuable and correct decisions for our children.”

Mike Szydlowski

Science education coordinator, parent

“I would like to enthusiastically endorse Suzette Waters for School Baord. Suzette has the best interests of students and staff in her heart and has led by example with her school volunteer work over many years. Suzette supports innovative place-based learning to help spark curiosity and engagement for ALL CPS students.”

Shelli Thelen

Fifth-grade teacher, former Paxton Keely PTA president, former HHS PTSA president

“Suzette Waters is a HIGH capacity person who gets things done. Whether she is working with a substantial financial PTSA budget at Hickman HS or when she tutored students at West Middle School, Suzette is a natural leader with intelligence, grit, and a talent for problem solving. She will be an asset to the board, and her actions prove that she believes in our students, teachers, and CPS.”

Lisa Boyer

Retired teacher and former HHS PTSA President

“Suzette Waters is an active and dedicated advocate for students, teachers, and parents on so many levels. Notably, her efforts to extend educational opportunities for students in the middle schools or her constant attention to the issues facing our teachers and schools. She is an active listener and a very hard worker. Suzette will do a fantastic job as a CPS board member!”

Erika Waller

CPS parent volunteer

“I have known Suzette since my oldest was in kindergarten with her son. I have seen first hand her tireless advocacy and volunteerism for public schools every day since. She has a heartfelt devotion to making sure that all kids can reach their full potential and that our teachers have the support they deserve.”

Betsy Hofmann

Former CPS teacher, CPS volunteer, parent

“During my time working with Suzette on a CPS advocacy committee for high-achieving students, she continually impressed me with her vigorous and genuine efforts to address the problems facing middle-schoolers even after her own children moved on to high school.  She is committed to ensuring that all students are granted the opportunity to have their needs fulfilled. “